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sabato 06 marzo 2004

SULT (United Transport Workers Union) was born in june 2003 from the fusion of three historical italian unions: SULTA (air transport), UCS (rail transport) and CNL (local transport). It was necessary to create a single union to cope with the transportation questions by a larger front, to be able to coordinate analisys, targets and pathways and to take better care of the employees. That also because there are many affinity between these areas of transport. Furthermore we can say that the whole transport industry is a scout in reducting workers' rights.

Today SULT is present in many companies, a real reference point for the employees but also a reliable interlocutor able to deal with the Companies and the Government.

Since it was created SULT faced national and international themes, but also the peace questions, taking part in the Social Forum.

SULT is the jost representative union in many Companies directly or indirectly involved with transportation, and it is well known in Italy because it uses the simple rules of democracy, making the workers protagonist of their choices.


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